Erotic massage London also involves its sensual touches

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Erotic massage London also involves its sensual touches, and the articles of clot hing that it wears must incite the one who is being massaged, so that all senses can be relieved. The low tone of the voice, consistent with all the atmosphere in the salon, is maintained throughout the massage session. Like the other details, this is a very important aspect, which contributes to the well-being of the client who chooses this Erotic massage London salon. This is why masseuses are usually dressed in very fine or extremely brief underwear. Of course, the masseuse's dress has an essential role in the relaxation of the client.

Keep the bottle of lubricant as handy as possible, you should apply a small amount every 15-20 minutes. You will feel the erotic energy between you grow; now is the time to move on to more sexually inclined manners. Here's where we recommend you start ... Remember lubrication When you reach the genitals, lubrication is the first condition for a successful massage! Doesn't that sound exciting? The most common formula in Erotic massage London is that of reciprocity: one of the partners receives the massage, then returns the favor. go down with the handles to the legs, touching the genital organs. For the rest of the body, you can use classic massage oils, which you can find at any pharmacy! Ask him to sit on his back, so that you can handle his chest, arms and palms. For starters, three keywords: ambience, patience, touch. It starts with light touches and kisses on the neck, while trying to synchronize your breathing rhythm with his. To make him feel the sensations even more acute, you can tie your lover to the eye throughout the session ... Eye contact and teasing are very important now ... down. until ejaculation becomes inevitable Remember that you have to postpone ejaculation as much as possible: stop, change the movement and give it a break one minute before continuing with the mannerisms. Nobody knows better than you how your lover likes to be handled. Atmosphere & music Give yourself time to prepare the "decor": ideally you would have a special massage table available, if not, go with a blanket on the floor (the idea is to stay on something loud!). Benefits? If it is advisable to use only water-based lubricant (to avoid any kind of vaginal infection), in his case you can choose lubricants based on oil or silicone. Then another rapid slip from top to bottom. Think massage is an art form - the art of sex without penetration. The basic rules of massage say that you must always be in contact with the partner, both by touch and by words; keep a steady pace, but not too fast and pay attention to its state changes. If the title got you excited, let's get to work! In addition to the relaxation and well-being that a classical massage offers, an Erotic massage London session can offer multiple orgasms, full relaxation for the pelvic muscles and intense pleasure! Take it from the end and, for another 10 seconds, touch it as delicate and exciting. In the case of the back, at least, use your body weight and not the force of your hands to make it feel stronger. Endless! Perfect touches Ask your boyfriend to lie flat on his belly. Rest with your hands on his back, in the shoulder area, then give him a comforting massage on the entire surface of his back, feet and soles. After every 10 seconds, you increase the number of "slips": 4, 5 and so on ... At the end of the massage session, you can cover your lover with a blanket, so that the pleasant warmth he has accumulated to keep as much as possible. However, there are some tactics that never fail: - assuming that his penis is not still erect: gently grab his testicles with one hand, massaging the area of ​​the perineum; with the other hand, perform a downward movement from the base to the head - Mangai the manly member from top to bottom with one hand; when you reach the base, repeat the handling with the other hand, creating an alternative movement that will drive him crazy - Grab his penis in his hand and sensually handle it for 10 seconds, then let your hand slide briefly and precisely from the top to the top. Turn on candles and scented sticks, turn off your phones for a few hours and choose a CD with your favorite music to put on repeat - it doesn't necessarily have to be something extra-relaxing like Buddha Bar; Alternatives would be Morcheeba, Portishead or R n B chillout music. And a small definition "as in the book", to know what we are talking about: the use of traditional massage for sexual purposes (excitement, increasing libido, pleasure in general!) Is called Erotic massage London. If he liked it, it's his turn to offer you some magical mangers

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